Your concern for a high ROI could be alleviated to a significant level if you manage to secure a seat in Top MBA institute college Gwalior or for that matter in any other Indian city.
It shows how tough the competition is and how much hard work you have to put in to secure a right to study in an MBA program which is collaborative, relevant and cutting-edge, combining your aspiration and vision with a unique learning experience.
Prior work experience is not required to take MAT entrance examination. It is also not required in CAT or other important competitive exams. However, you may be asked about it during your interview and awarded some additional points depending upon your nature of work and duration among other things.
Knowledge of Indian business practices will be a plus point in any resume, particularly with many foreign corporations aiming to woo the Indian market.
While pursuing MBA from a top class a management institute, you will come across course of study that will help you gain an insight into the functioning of the business world and how to efficiently deal with the various challenges and issues that keep popping up at regular intervals.